P.O. Box 73 - Independence, Missouri - 64051 - United States of America

(816) 833-1000 ext. 1413 [email protected]

ASCRA Activities

ASCRA currently sponsors the following nets:

  • A Sunday afternoon net on 20 meters in the General class portion of the band at approximately 14.287 MHz. The net begins at 2130 UTC (Winter – Standard Time), or 2030 UTC (Summer – Daylight Time). Net control is shared between Ernie Miles, WB2UJL (Durham, NC), Terry Redding, W6LMJ (Deland, FL), and Robin Cross, W∅FEN (Raytown, MO) for coverage of most of the central and eastern Continental United States.
  • The 40M net meets at 2:30 PM CST/CDT on Sundays at 7.190 +/- .003 MHz. The net starts 1 hour before the 20M net start time. Net control is Robin Cross, W∅FEN.
  • Echolink net at 2230 UTC on the *MISSOURI* Conference Node. The net begins at 2230 UTC (Winter – Standard Time), or 2130 UTC (Summer – Daylight Time) and runs concurrently with the 40m and 20m HF nets to serve as a backup communications tool.
  • The Lamoni Amateur Radio Association conducts a 2-meter net Sunday evenings at 19:30 Central Time. Tony Crandell, AA∅OS is Net Control and repeater trustee. The repeater operates at 147.36 output (+600 kHz input offset, 114.8hz tone). This net typically has around 15 check-ins from south-central Iowa and north-central Missouri. There are typically also several check-ins from around the world via the WØYO-R Echolink node (node number 127318).
  • A local VHF net in Independence, Missouri on 146.73 (no tone) repeater, or W∅SHQ-R Echolink node (node number 127303) at 19:30 Central time.

All amateur radio operators are invited and welcome to check into any of these nets.